About Sophie

Hi everyone!

I'm Sophie, a twenty two year old keen bubbly writer of all things relating to life problems, latest obsessions from hair products, beauty products, fashion, films, music.... you name it, I'll probably like writing about it.

I started this blog (2014) because of that simply. I love writing and love to help people out. Smiling Soph was created from my nickname 'Smiles' because I'm known for having an infectious laugh and smile. Everything I write about is purely for your entertainment and just to generally give you my views if I feel it may assist you in some way. This is only a small blog (so far) and who knows where it may go. Maybe somewhere, maybe no where. BUT IM ALL ABOUT POSITIVITY and no matter what, I'll keep on posting even if it makes one of you little petals happy.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and comment in the things I post, and I hope that I can make you smile and help you in any way possible if you need it!

Here's to a blogging adventure... See you along the way.

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