Monday, 28 July 2014

July Favourites!

A few things that I have loved this month. All of these things I have read about on others blogs, heard people talk about them and in general liked the look of them so I saved up and bought them. I've tried them all out, and will only give truthful personal views to you. Honesty is the best policy after all! I hope they help and if you try them, let me know in the comments below your views on them. Enjoy x

Number One: Tangle Teezer by Shaun P

Especially good if you have thick hair. The bristles are strong and really tackle the knots. Light weight, easy storage if you go away and the colour is BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT. If you know me, or you took notice in my previous blog posts.. I have a lot of hair. Its thick, long and gets very matted if Ive been outside in the day. Usually, I only get on with soft bristles brushes because these are the things that cause me the least amount of pain when eliminating knots. However, I have changed. This "Tangle Teezer" has harder bristles and works magic! Although it slightly reminds me of a horse brush, I can see why these things are so popular. They don't hurt when ridding knots, and the outcome after brushing left my hair feeling fluffy and of a 'stroking' consistency. I'll be taking this everywhere I go!

Number Two: Hair Crayons by Bleach London.

If you're not allowed to dye your hair, or simply don't want to take that bold move in fear of your normal hair colour never returning; this is where these bad boys come in. They're easy to do,  and come out as soon as you wash it so can be handy for fancy dress events or just to keep for a couple of days. I chose the colour Rose because it is subtle; I feel it may look better on people who have blonder hair and the other colours they do are much more bright so are more suitable for every hair type. Tip: Make sure your hair is well conditioned before you do this, as it can make the hair a bit dry if your hair is a bit greasy or damaged. You can have so much fun with these, especially if you had several colours!

 Number Three: Deep Clean Facial Scrub by Good Things

Skin care is the most important thing to most people. Its the first thing you see in the person; the face. So, having nice skin is a want by most girls and boys now a days. Im not sure if this is unisex or not, but even so this product I couldn't recommend enough. Ive used it for three days, morning and night and I can already see the difference. My skin is much smoother as it is an exfoliant, so scrubs off all the dead skin and rubbishy skin layers to leave your skin looking healthier. Not only that, but it smells DIVINE.

Number Four: Expert Face Foundation Brush by Real Techniques.

Makeup brushes are a pain aren't they? You either find a good one and you spend months wages on them, or you find a cheap one and you may as well be putting your foundation on with a piece of grass. This however is affordable and amazing. Its soft bristles are smooth against the skin, as well as it being fabulous at blending foundation into your skin without it looking blotchy or uneven. Not only that, but it stands up by itself so is perfect for dressing table storage. They have a whole range of brushes, but I find this one my favourite so far/of this month. The bristles don't clump together and is good for all skin types. They are good quality and well thought made for people all ages whom want a clear and studio ready face.

  Number Five: Sea Salt Spray by Fudge Urban

 Definitely one of my favourites. I've always been one to have a hair full of volume, and this stuff is PERFECT for that. It gives you the beachy waves look, without it looking like you've been in a cat fight. Your hair appears wavy, volumised and this stuff smells pretty spot on. I had many compliments on the smell of my hair this day so it must be doing something right!! Although it only has a 2/6 hold, I feel it doesn't do it justice. My hair stayed the whole day looking beachy and preppy even though it was windy outside. Thats one of my favourite things about it, for all weathers and occasions this will give you a look which will have everyone cooing over your hair, trust me! It can also look really stylish if you did a fishtail plait, spraying the salt spray during plaiting, and pulling bits out here and there to give you a messy looking plait. Good for all hair lengths and types and just all round fabulous!

 Here is a picture of my hair with fudge urban salt spray and the rose hair crayons. A natural wave and a tint of rose. It doesn't show up very well on my camera, but it looks pretty cool and you can see the rose tint if you look closely :) I didn't put much rose crayon on, so if I applied more I'm sure it'll come up much stronger than my more subtle tint.


Tangle Teezer Brush; or Direct Website

Bleach London Hair Crayons (with other colours too); or Direct Website

Good Things Facial Scrub; or Direct Website

Real Techniques Face Expert Foundation Brush; or Direct Website

 Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray; or Direct Website

 I hope you enjoyed this months favourites,  let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I will see you next month!!

Smiley Vibes sending....

Soph x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

You Are Invited To The Ball...

Hello fellow smilers, its me again!

Before I start this post, I want to say a HUGE thank you for the amazing support and feedback on my previous post and the creation of the blog. It has almost a thousand reads and its only been up a month! I have been so overwhelmed with kind words from many people; even if you read it and didn't share the fact you did, you still took the time out of your day to read my nonsense and that makes me smile! Literally like a crazy person staring at my computer screen right now….strange what can make you happy ay?


This is going to be a sort of 'diary entry' of my weekend, because it was so memorable and was the first time in ages that nothing could bring me down. (cheese..sorry!)

On Friday 20th of June, I stayed at the house of a dear friend of mine. I was her somewhat lodger for the weekend along with her boyfriend. Before you make assumptions, I was not left out, just merely joining in and pretending I was definitely part of the relationship…...

 That photo is completely staged, I promise. They made me feel so welcome and part of the family and they are amazing company so if you ever happen to spot these two around, you should just go right up to them and hug them. They both deserve all the happiness and love in the world. (Don't actually go up to them and hug them, you may get in trouble and I was just saying generally they deserve lots of hugs and things).

We went out to town on the Friday and I bumped into a few childhood friends which was so surreal! On the Saturday was Rose Day which is a church service to commemorate the school. Twas lovely!

In the evening is where the balling properly began. It was a Great Gatsby themed ball based on the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and the book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was the last event for the sixth formers as a final farewell to us, all organised by the year below. The decorations were beautiful about the grounds of the school, and everyone fully dressed to the theme looking sparkly and full of joy.

I had my hair done beautifully by Hayley a lovely family friend and INCREDIBLE hairdresser. Without her I probably would have turned up looking like I had just rolled out of bed, she seriously did an amazing job. I did my own makeup…whether that is good or not, well I will let you be the judge of that! 
(If you want to ask any questions about anything I am wearing or general queries about the ball then feel free to comment down below and I will get back to you.)

 The atmosphere was constantly buzzing, with people chatting, laughing, drinking and eating. A perfect combination wouldn't you say? The food was made by Head Chef Lisa (along with many others) and personally, I feel if everyone likes the food then everyone is happy am I right? And that certainly was the case!

 One of my favourite elements to the ball was the photo booth. That's right, I SAID PHOTO BOOTH. Ive never experienced one before, but seeing people post their snaps of them in the past on their social networking sites caused the green eyed monster to visit. But now it was my time to shine, and I certainly took advantage of the free booth. When there was a break in between courses, my friends and I made a run for it, awkwardly stumbling in our heels across the wooden floors into the empty dance room. And there it was. Standing tall in the corner of the room was the black box, an open curtain and a box of props. My heart began to pulsate, and my feet simply pulled me towards the empty booth by themselves! It was time.

We had around seven seconds to complete a snap, you got four snaps altogether and a numerous amount of hats, sunglasses, props and words to liven the pictures up a bit. I'm not too sure why it was so thrilling....I mean, in reality its just a box where you take photos! Like when you get your passport picture done and we all know that is very much dull as dish water! But the fact its so quick and there is no going back if you make an ugly face is quite frankly rather thrilling. In this one we thought we'd pretend it was like the passport booth because we are clear comedians in the making…..

Here are a few more snaps to entertain you! 

After my busy party weekend and before leaving home, I woke up and had a bowl of fresh fruit. If you are ever feeling partied out or very tiresome.. take this advice. FRESH FRUIT IS THE WAY FORWARD.  And a cup of tea. And if you don't drink tea, (you need to learn to, it's so beautiful) then a couple of slices of lemon in ice cold water is another good way to start the day, as it has many medicinal benefits such as speeding up the metabolism, and cleansing your body if its not feeling all that great in general. I am no health expert, but I do my reading so I hope some of what I am saying makes sense in the world of healthiness!

On Tuesday 24th (Mummy Miles' birthday) we both enjoyed a health smoothie from Pret a Manger, which can I point out is SO refreshing inside. A new one has opened up at the mall....I've never been in one before. It has a cool air, its spacious and has healthy food and drinks which is a huge bonus! Look at this little number I had! Now… it may not look all that nice, but it was DELISH (Delicious in Sophie language). 

It was spinach, ginger, celery, apple and cucumber flavour and tasted rather interesting! If you aren't much of a lover of fruit and veg and you are one of those people who scoops any healthy looking thing on the other side of the plate so it is not in touching distance of you; this is the kind of thing you could maybe have as an alternative. Make sure that the majority of the sweet things in the drink you like, and if the first sip isn't nice don't give up. It gets better the more you drink it! Not only that, but once you've finished it you feel like you're the worlds most healthiest person and you'll feel great about yourself.

After my busy weekend, and on Mums birthday, my body decided to catch a numerous amount of germs *cries*. Ive had a chest infection, tonsillitis and have a stinking cold. YUMMY.  I'm still fighting it off as I write this, by simply drinking lots of water and binging in rubbishy rom coms. Yesterday I rekindled my love for Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, (which is not classified under 'rubbishy rom coms' before you tell me off). It is one of my most favourite films on this earth.
So that is my film recommendation to you of this week. It's not your usual chick flick, but you ll surprise yourself when you watch it. It made me compare this diary entry to their lives, and how something like a photo booth excites me, and to them a rich man making eye contact is enough to keep them chatting for a whole couple of months!
                                  I mean, does this look awkward or does this look awkward?

Anyway, I best be off before I bore you all silly! I hope you enjoyed reading my weekend fun, be sure to comment your thoughts or get in contact with me on my social networking sites! Share, smile and have a lovely weekend! I will be posting next week my 'July Favourites', so I will see you then I guess? Its a date.

Sending smiley vibes :) :) :)

Soph x