Saturday, 29 November 2014

Meeting my Inspirations! Amity Fest...

I'm late with uploading this... SORRY!

This is just going to be a short, and hopefully sweet post of my adventure to Birmingham to meet people whom I've been wanting to talk to for YEARS. 

Before I even thought about creating my own blog or filming videos (which haven't yet been seen by any except myself) I would sit at my computer screen watching intently a group of people who would just literally talk to their camera about their favourite things be it from makeup or a film they watched, daring their friends to do things etc. Not only that, but I mostly used to read blogs by Zoella, and Sprinkle of Glitter who would display random thoughts in writing and the occasional picture thrown in there. It seems weird that someone just babbling on about an item they bought, or why they had a bad day or trying to make their reader feel better about things would be SO addictive to read. Both people transferred to making videos on YouTube along with their blog posts, however it goes without saying that I would never have had the confidence to do what I'm doing now if it weren't for these people. 

So you could only imagine my excitement when I was lucky enough to spend some time with each of the main bloggers/YouTuber's before they put on their show as part of Amity Fest. The event was really well organised, there was no violence in eagerness to get near them, and it was orderly and spacious. 

Zoe was THE SWEETEST, and was especially grateful when I thanked her for everything. She seemed to be so overwhelmed by all the love for her, and the way her career has taken off couldn't have happened to a better person. Louise was so bubbly and cuddly, and even made me a cupcake with her face on. She's my best friend, honest. 

I didn't get to speak to Tanya for too long, as there were a line of people waiting and I didn't want to take up too much of their time with her. I congratulated her on her recent beauty launch, she complimented me on my hair and dress and was just really sweet. Jim chatted for England, and the conversation went from clothing to Tanya to teeth and god knows what else. He's a really down to earth guy and Amity kindly took a nice polaroid picture of us which is now pegged up in my room! 

Caspar Lee. Caspar, Caspar, Caspar. He's the most easy guy to get along with, made me laugh multiple times and then took loads of selfies some of which can not be displayed on the internet. (They're just ugly faces tis all...) 

This couple are SOOO nice. I chatted with Niomi probably the longest out of everyone, the conversation flowed for so long and she seemed so at ease considering it was her first event like this. Marcus too was such a nice guy, and took several selfies with several faces which is always a winner!

 Alfie smelt lovely, looked lovely, and IS lovely. He gives the best hugs and did whatever he could to make sure he could meet as many people as possible. Truly great guy! My only picture blurred which was THE most frustrating thing in the world!

Unfortunately one of my favourite Youtuber's Joe Sugg (also known online as Thatcher Joe) was unwell so wasn't able to make the event. I'm hoping he is fully recovered by now, and can only wish that I'll be able to have a chat with him in the future, as the cardboard cutout was a little unresponsive.....

Each and every single one of these people were genuine, caring and were so friendly!

Huge thank you to Amity Fest for the little gifts I was given, one of which goes well with my nickname/blog name! 

 I had a truly fantastic time, the show was hilarious and I'll never forget the day. 


Soph x