Sunday, 10 July 2016

Life. How Should We Live It?

As you can probably tell, my lack of posting has been as a result of a serious motivational problem that I have been feeling for the last couple of months. I've been up to various things, one of which packing up my first year of University (physically and metaphorically) which has taken SO much of my time. Now, I am back and settled in Bristol again; it really does feel good to be home. However, over this short period of time that I have been here, spending days at home on my own, really gives your brain the good opportunity to think like you've never thought before!

Personally, I have no idea how I am right now in terms of living. Yes, sure, my heart is beating pretty hard out of my chest, and my breathing is of a consistent rate. But am I really, living? Being a young twenty year old girl, a somewhat shining pearl in this big oyster of a world, it can be quite daunting thinking about life choices and how successfully I am doing right now, for me. I have numerous amounts of aspirations in life, dreams that I want to make a reality. It is my mission to be who and what I want to be, and live my life exactly how I think I should live it. Sometimes though, it can be hard to find the get up and go, as well as the right route, in order to achieve these things.

We are presented with a perfect world left right and centre; celebrities posting videos on endless amounts of social media of their practically perfect lifestyle. But that being precisely the point...Nobody is perfect in this world; we only see what those people want us to see. Why do I sit and scroll on my phone, admiring an unrealistic, picturesque perspective of the world, watching people live their life when I should be living my own? The majority of the time, these people don't make me feel good about myself. They just make me feel like a considerably dim pearl in our oyster of a world, without the pretty clothes and makeup and beautiful holidays and settings around me.

Are these people really, REAL people? They come from completely different backgrounds, lifestyles, families, and riches beyond the mind's imagination. Sure, its exciting to watch their experiences because it opens up our eyes to a completely different world out there. But don't forget who YOU are, and how incredible your life and experiences are right now. Most importantly, how incredible it could be in years to come if you work hard and put in the effort to be a bright shiny pearl. Do you want to be there in the future, gazing out the window contemplating the things you could have done, thinking "what if?". Look at yourself now, and be the person you want to be. You might not even know who that is yet, and that isn't a bad thing at all! There is no right or wrong in this world, the only person who can make a decision for yourself is YOU. Never let anyone prevent you from being the best you can be. If you have crazy, exciting, wild dreams for your future,  I SAY YOU GO FOR IT!! There is nothing, or no one, stopping you. Don't be afraid to take risks, be bold and be all you can be in this world.

The things I want to do are hard to reach, and I have been told so by countless amounts of people. But who are they to say what I can and can't achieve? Even if your goals are somewhat unrealistic, they are YOUR goals and the only person stopping you from reaching them is you. We have all had our knock backs in life, be it big or small, but it's what we do after these knock backs that really make the difference. It doesn't matter how quickly we get back up...It's the fact that we DO.

 But most of all? Believe in yourself. "Promise me you'll always remember: You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and more loved than you'll ever know."
(A.A Milne)

 And I really do stand by that!

Soph x


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