Thursday, 30 April 2015

"You Shall Go To The Ball!"

Greetings friendlings! 

I thought I would share with you my thoughts on a recent film that I went to see; a modern interpretation of Disney's classic tale Cinderella. For those of you who don't know the story behind Cinderella (Where have you been?!), it tells the magical story of a young girl who loses her parents and consequently is brought up by her evil step mother and two ugly step sisters. They treat her as a servant, forcing her to cook and clean up after them. She is even banished to the attic room after the step sisters complain their room isn't big enough. Harsh right?

Cinderella or 'Ella' was told by her mother one piece of advice which would evolve her into the kind and gentle being we see her as in the film; " I want to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. Have courage and be kind". So despite her evil in-laws, she keeps this in mind and powers through these 'trials' in her household. She encounters the Prince of the land, (who conveniently is looking for a wife) and when he invites the whole kingdom to the ball poor Ella is trapped in her home and forbidden to go by her evil step mother. EVEN harsher!! 

Helena Bonham Carter plays the Fairy God Mother, who appears to come to Ella's rescue in the back garden. She brings an excitable wit and charm to the role, and is beautifully encompassed in a sparkly gown designed by the film's costume designer Sandy Powell. The costumes look absolutely incredible, my favourite being Ella's blue ball gown and glass slippers. Downtown Abbey's actress Lily James conveys the pure innocence and kind nature to Ella's character, bringing forward the classic damsel elements from Walt Disney's 1950's version. I would recommend to any Disney fan, although there are some scenes I feel children could find slightly distressing. (Passing of her parents/ The animals morphing into coachmen but still looking part lizard...quite creepy!) 

Lastly a quote which proves so true, I wish everyone would abide by this day to day. 

"Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic."

So please remember to be kind, be good, and most importantly stay magical. 

Soph x

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Smiling Soph is BACK!

Hello lovely people!

It's taken me a while to get myself organised, but as promised I am officially back in action. Instead of putting up several posts of all the things I've been getting up to since the end of last year, I'm just going to do a quick summary of adventures. I still have a post regarding my reasons for abandoning my blog, but for now I want to keep things light and chirpy. Thank you to those people who have been messaging me to keep going with this, you are the reasons for doing so.


On Friday 13th March my cousin and myself were lucky enough to attend the live recording of Comic Relief at the London Palladium.


 I didn't know what to expect what so ever.. We knew of a line up of general people but it was all an element of surprise for both of us. When we arrived at the Palladium the audience were greeted with Lenny Henry, a joyous and bubbly guy who got everyone's spirits high. If you've never been in a live audience before, I would recommend it to anyone. The buzz you get from people around you and the bizarre thought that you are aired to over seven million people is mind boggling and so exciting to be a part of!


 I know Sam Smith is quite 'marmite', you either love him or hate him. But I for one LOVE him, and even more so after he proved he can sing absolute note perfect live. The goosebumps were REAL.

 I actually saw THE Orlando Bloom in the flesh. I didn't even recognise him at first, I just stared for a while and suddenly the penny dropped that the guy off Pirates of The Caribbean was stood right in front of me. He is absolutely gorgeous in person guys, no sweat. Wasn't majorly impressed when Davina jumped on him though. Not cool.

Huge thank you to the the person who made this trip possible. You know who you are. 


I promised a dear family member that I would write a post about this wedding day! It was magical, and there is nothing more warming than witnessing two people in love, and sealing it with vows in front of those closest to you. Weddings have always been a huge love of mine, the dresses, the themes, the colours, the flowers, the joy and general celebration; I could go on forever. So here are some snaps...Congrats Michelle & Dave! It was a beautiful day and I feel honoured to have been a part of it.

  Thank you Lipsy, this dress is BEAUTIFUL. 



It was the first time in what feels like ages that I have seen a show at the Hippodrome. This production is one that I've heard great things about, I knew all the songs but didn't know of the storyline. In all honesty it was one of the best shows I have seen.

It is inspirational, gives you real thoughts about inner beauty and the strength love has and also that the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz isn't that evil. Intriguing right?
Favourite quote; "Whatever way our stories end, I know you'll have rewritten mine by being my friend."


I went with my Mum and friends to Cardiff for the X Factor Tour. I had a really great time and especially enjoyed Fleur East and Ben Haenow. The covers they did were AMAZING and they seemed to get the crowd really going, as the majority sat down for the duration.. *snores*. I didn't let you fangirls down though, of course I stood up and danced like no one was watching!!

Pre-show railway snap...


On a spontaneous trip to London, I came across this absolute gem in the Disney Store. IT IS REAL GUYS, IT IS REAL.

And I pretended that it was in fact me on my way to the ball in a magical pumpkin! (The Fairy God mother didn't give me a beautiful gown this time...)

Anyway, thus so far I have had some wonderful times since we last spoke, and now you have me fully for the duration. It is my birthday coming up, so expect to see a blog post next week.

Toodaloo me dears!

Soph x