Friday, 12 June 2015

A Trip To Spain!

Ey up! Me again, don't get too excited!!

I recently went to Spain for five days or so, and thought I would write what I got up to. Starting off with a tip; do not go to a neighbours cocktail evening a few hours before you have to go to the airport and bearing in mind you haven't yet packed. Yes I did do that, and no I would not recommend it unless like me you are already disorganised and far too laid back. Whoops!!

I went with my cousins and dear friends of mine. Here we have my cousins Kim (my giggling partner in crime), Franco the most wonderful cook and hugger, and friends Jack our newly designated and very skilled driver (you can pay me later for saying that....I'm joking!! he really was very good. #betterdriver) and my wonderfully talented twin Sophii.

We flew into Valencia airport, I wore my flowy trousers from Boohoo and a white woolly jumper, which again I would not recommend because it is actually pretty hot in Spain! The airport was really big and easy to get out of.. Remember 'Salida' means exit. Always follow SALIDA. Once we arrived at the Villa I was absolutely gob smacked. The view was breath taking and I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to spend the next few days there. The area surrounding the villa was called Benitachell and was a quiet place in the mountains. The mountain view opposite was called 'Mongo' because it looks like an elephants trunk. See?

Clever right? We ate an English breakfast everyday at a place called Scallops in Javea (Yes I am currently on a detox), and believe it or not it cost a few euros, a small total of around £1.70 in English money.

  • The beach was absolutely beautiful in Javea, I have never seen such crystal clear waters. I dipped my feet in and it wasn't even that cold! We enjoyed a nice drink at the Parador Hotel along the beach front, it was pure bliss.


      Every night the wondrous cooks Franco and Jack cooked us lovely meals, so I thought I would show some sort of appreciation with lots of pictures of our evening meals etc. 

    Another place we went to was called Moraira (I call it Mariah like Mariah Carey..) and again this was another gorgeous place. Calm, peaceful, friendly people and it was nice to have a breeze when the weather was so hot. 

    Of course we had to go shopping because Spanish shops are so beautiful and who doesn't love a bit of shopping? We went into a place called La Marina in Ondara. It was one of the biggest shopping mall's I think I have ever been in. I bought some bracelets for my Sister, Sophii and I as well as some sweets for the family and some minion toys for my little brother Freddie. It was nice to go on the day that the weather wasn't that great, as we did get a random spout of rain on one of the days. Here is Jack in a random kart they had in the middle of the mall!

    Sophii and I at the cafe at La Marina. 

    A collection of random pictures throughout the holiday...

  • The weather and views were admirable, and to take full advantage Jack drove us up to the top of the Cumbre de Sol (much to Kim's dismay!!) where you look over the whole of the nearby area. If like Kim you hate heights, not a recommendation for you! It is safe though, I promise. The sun had gone down and the sky had the most beautiful range of colours. It is something I will never forget!

    On the last night I had my first ever tapas in Javea in a place called 'La Trastienda'. I am now a huge fan of Tapas, it was sooooo yummy! The waitress (who looked like Jessica Alba) made me a Mojito cocktail too, so all in all it was a wonderful evening.

    We flew back the next day form Alicante airport and I think I may have cried a bit! I just didn't want to leave!! We shared some lovely nights on the balcony looking over the spectacular views, Sophii playing her guitar and us all singing. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about how happy it made me out there, and how much I will never forget the memories made for the rest of my life. Thank you to the wonderful Negus family for letting me tag along, and to my gorgeous family Kim and Frank for looking after me. I love you all dearly!

    So, if you are jetting off soon I hope you have a great time. I'm jealous!! Remember to wear suncream people, and especially remember to top it up after you come out of the pool unlike I did, resulting in a bright red and patchy pink complexion and at least a bottle of aloe vera. *facepalm*.

    Bon Voyage!

    Soph x


  1. I've never been to spain before have always wanted to go though, looks really pretty! x

    1. Honestly I think it is one of the best places to go on holiday! Would really recommend it. Love your blog by the way :) x

  2. Wow, It looks like you had an amazing holdiday!! As I was reading this post I was thinking "This girl's not going to be happy when it's time to leave" and I was right. At least you have awesome memories and other cool places that you can explore! :)
    Peace xo

    1. That is exactly what I thought!! But you are right, especially with the summer finally beginning the world is our oyster. And memories are so precious, so go and make some like me :) Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting!

      All the love Soph x