Monday, 16 June 2014

Smiling Soph Launch!

Why….Hello there!

Here I am, with a blank page and excited fingers to open up a new opportunity in sharing my life with people. Many of my friends tell me I have an exciting life,  always up to random new things and undergoing many a thing which a normal eighteen year old wouldn't normally be doing! So, after being pestered by them (you can stop that now!) I am going to be documenting everything I do for you guys to enjoy and take the journey of 'Smiling Soph' with you in case you ever wondered how on earth I end up in the kind of places I do. Ive always enjoyed writing, and am guilty of being that kind of person who cant just write 'happy birthday' or 'merry christmas' on a text or in a card, I have to write a massive mini essay, giving that person a running commentary on how I feel about them. Writing this takes a lot of self courage and a lot of motivation, so if you've got this far already… thank you for reading and know that it means a lot.

 I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. Well, if you were a little Sherlock, you'd realise from my URL and in the previous writing that I'm Sophie and I'm eighteen years old. Pleased to meet you *shakes hand with computer screen*. My hair is ridiculously long, one of my eyes is green and the other is green verging on blue (I'm merely pointing that out to make myself sound a bit more interesting. Did it work?) How about I show you a picture?

JUST JOKING… Here is my face….

                       Had to add an over edited sepia one…..Sorry for the brightness.

There we go. So that's me. Hi!

I regard myself as a bubbly, random and loving person. Everyone has their flaws of course, myself having many which include singing loudly in supermarkets, messing up ANY room which I am in somehow after a few hours or even upon arriving (oops), loving One Direction (its not really a flaw is it girls?!) Oh the list continues! But one thing I pride myself in, and gave me the name behind this blog, is how no matter what I always always try and smile. And by that, I don't mean I'm one of those people who are constantly happy and smiling and jumping up and down like an excited bunny. I mean, that I merely prioritise doing things and being with people that make me happy. I've finished school, and to be frank I have absolutely NO idea what on earth I am doing in this big wide world. I enjoy far too many things, and being so young I don't want to pin myself down doing one thing and regret it in several years to come. So.. in the mean time I am merely going here there and everywhere to help find what I am meant to do.

So.. whats my past? Well.. I have been to school all my life, so that's pretty normal hmm? But in between that time, I spent four years on a television set acting as the character 'Sally Arless'.  The show was called Lark Rise to Candleford and it was a BBC period drama series which ran for four years.  I worked with some INCREDIBLE people, and I couldn't single out many because each and every one of the cast and crew were fab and there are too many to type out. But I will be loyal to my onscreen family and shout out to my on screen mummy and fantabulous comedian/actress Dawn French and older bro John Dagleish (who you may now know as Barry from E4's Beaver Falls). This is probably my first proper adventure in life, and it taught me many life lessons as to what I enjoy and what kind of person I am. It's probably one of the main things that has helped shape me into the person I am today. Here are a couple of snaps…..

 Talking of family! I have the most inspirational, idolising and wonderful family in the whole world.. Sheesh that was a lot of adjectives. My famalam consist of my incredible father Laurie, my mother (also known as moomy) Marcia, my older sister Hollie whom is at UNI in Southampton, and two younger brothers; Harry who is at school and wants me to inform you all he is 'cool' and little monkey Freddie who is three. I am so grateful to my family for always supporting me and being there for me to infuse my smile. Anyway, enough of the soppy stuff, lets carry on with the Smiling Sophie introduction shall we?  So… Here are a few past adventures for you to, in a way, catch up with what I have got up to. In pictures...because everyone loves pictures. Right?

So this is March 2013, where I went front row to a One Direction concert. This resulted in a gif of Harry Styles putting his thumb up to me and poking his tongue out going viral on tumblr. (We were both wearing the same t-shirt and it kinda happened from there really)

Soccer Aid last year, which has just recently happened again. Its a good excuse to make yourself look like you know the rules of football, when really you're secretly only shouting because your fave celebs are in tight shorts running around. Sorry, had to say it! 

Disney Land 2012. My most favourite place.. If you ever want to feel like you are a little one again, this is the perfect place to go!! 

I once bumped into Jacksgap. Me being me, I was really dopey and kinda just, didn't realise who he was until I walked away and my friends explained. I embarrassingly said to him "I don't know who you are, but I will have a picture with you anyway!"He is a really really lovely guy either way. (2012)

Ive bumped into George Shelley from Union J twice, and don't ask me how or if I followed him round the mall. I did not, it was pure luck and was very quiet out. He is so cuddly and very cute! (2013)

Tom Daley, 2012. I will write of this adventure at some point, but I didn't get to meet him without going through a lot beforehand! But either way, he is quite possibly the most adorable human bean. Ever.

This happened last week… I am so very proud of how good timing this shot is! This was at Niall Horan's charity football match. I spent the whole time in a bright red waterproof and looked like what can only be described as a wet dog. Sassy James Corden in the background there. Click here for more info on the charity it was in aid of. 

Halloween.. Ten years ago and then last year with the same friend. Incredible how quickly time can fly, yet people still stick around if they want to. Its nice, that. Also that is a mask on the left, in case you were wondering if I was that ugly as a child. In the near future, I will write of  little adventures I go on with my friends, as they are one of the main reasons for my happiness and mean very much to me. 

I, along with my friends, were once chosen to be a 'superfan' on X Factor. It was hilarious! We basically had to stand against the stage and scream and dance anytime a teenage boy act  or a boy band came on stage. I will share details of how you can do that in the near future, so keep an eye out people! 

Somerset House in London, Covent Garden 2013. I will go back there soon, lovely lovely place with really cute little stores in. 

TAXI SELFIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. Before the Radio One Teen Awards, 2013. Last year of being able to go there! Sad times. Such a great event and some truly inspiring young people's stories. As well as great performances! My favourite blogger Zoella was also there!!

Brit Awards 2014! Popped along and it was MANIC. There were so many screaming people trying to bash down the metal barriers. It can only be described as a somewhat rabid species of fangirls eager to catch a glimpse of their lovers. CRAZY. A random lady in the park complimented me on my outfit that day, saying "I absolutely LOVE your tights" sneezing, and then continuing "In fact, your whole outfit is absolutely gorgeous!! Love it!" Bless her. 

Sports Relief 2014 was SO much fun. I went with my sisters boyfriend, and managed to meet one of my favourite Radio One DJ's Greg James. Greg even was the first person to like this picture on my instagram. A lovely lovely guy, even though he stole my head pom poms and tried to run away with them to the toilet! (It was an accident that he ran away with them, he really is VERY lovely).

Last one before I continue to babble! Me and mum being fangirls at her favourite programme live tour 'Dancing On Ice'. We were as she described 'groupies'  (that's a joke, please don't take that seriously) and got in back stage to meet Torvill and Dean.     
 So Naughty.

So there you have it. Welcome to my world! I know these are only a few adventures and a quick insight to who I am and my background, but hopefully you'll get to know me and my journeys a lot more along the way. I'm not an expert in makeup, hair products, fashion or music however I want to share with you the different opinions and experiences I go on to inspire you to be confident, healthy, happy and help you out in anyway I can. I will share with you my latest obsessions, be it from the latest hair trends to my favourite places, as well as the adventures that I go on. Please appreciate I have next to no idea what on earth I am doing! The design of this page is temporary until I get to grips with blogger so if the layout offends your eyesight I apologise, it wont be there for too long. (Apologies to Charlotte for constantly sending her my link to proof it.. blame her if you dont like it)

Sit back and enjoy reading the nonsense I post with a nice cuppa and biccy!

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Sending Smiley vibes...

Soph x