Thursday, 23 October 2014

Getting a puppy!

This is no joke. The family gained a new member!!

Meet Dottie...


She is hands down the most beautiful creature going, and we couldn't have been blessed with a more friendlier, fun and exciting character. She is being a great companion on the days when there is no one around, and gives THE best cuddles. If you have a dog, or equally another type of pet, you will understand the bond you can have between an animal. Ive only ever once had a hamster, Daisy, (god rest her soul) who quite literally used to be my best friend. As sad as that sounds that a rodent was my best friend, it really was true. You can rant to them, hug them, kiss them, cry to them, laugh to them and they can never ever judge you. Before this gets too deep and I sound like a crazy cat woman (or in this case a hamster woman) I shall wrap it up.

So keep an eye out for lil Dottie in future posts, as I'm sure she'll pop up somewhere!

Loads of Love.

Soph x